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Our commitment

Everything begins with you, our client. From day one, our Investment Advisor takes the time to learn about you, your aspirations and your financial situation. We’ll help you develop the right investments to meet your financial needs and achieve your dreams and goals.

Focused on our clients

Our Investment Advisors offer you more individualized service and attention—no matter how big or small your investment portfolio.


We’re proud to be independent. While some investment firms are tied to offering certain investments to their clients, our Investment Advisors are free from any pressure to sell any specific proprietary product. This freedom allows your Investment Advisor to give you objective advice that’s appropriate to your investment needs and goals.

Our approach

Our Investment Advisors work hard to ensure that you have the time to focus on other priorities such as business, family and personal life.

We offer an approach that is designed to provide personalized experience and customized investment strategy tailored to your needs, goals and financial situation.

Listen & Understand: Your Investment Advisor will ask you questions—lots of questions. The aim is to build a clear understanding of you and your situation. This allows your Investment Advisor to recommend the most appropriate way to reach your goals.

What kind of questions can you expect from your Investment Advisor? Here are some examples:

  • What are your financial goals and objectives?
  • How much do your savings need to grow to achieve these goals?
  • When will you need to take out the money?
  • What does risk mean to you and how much risk are you willing to take?
  • Are there any other circumstances that will affect your investing?
  • Are you looking for a partner who will work with you to manage your investments or someone who actively manages and monitors your investment plan so you can focus on other important matters?
  • How and how often do you want to communicate with your Investment Advisor? Do you prefer formal reports, telephone conversations or face-to-face meetings?
  • How are you evaluating performance?

Analyze & Plan: Your Investment Advisor will review all of your information including goals, needs, risk tolerance, income, tax and wealth situation, time horizon, liquidity and other important considerations.

Recommend & Communicate: Your Investment Advisor will meet with you to discuss your investments in detail. You’ll have an opportunity to re-confirm your financial goals, needs and other information as well as and go over any additional questions that you may have.

Your Investment Advisor will implement and monitor your investments to ensure that they stay on track to reach your goals. You’ll receive on-going communications, including regular monthly or quarterly statements. In addition, you’ll be able to view your account information online at anytime, anywhere.

Open communications

Meeting face-to-face, talking over the phone, communicating through e-mail or just checking up on you account online, you have multiply ways of communicating to your Investment Advisor. No matter how and how often you want to interact, good communication is one of the keys to building a long lasting successful relationship.


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